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ISKAN (Iskan) is the act of putting an apartment (Ferdi ISKAN) or building (Genel ISKAN) into operation in Turkey. It contains a detailed technical description of the property. This is a document that the developer must issue for a building or a complex of buildings at his own expense, within the time frame specified in the building permit and in the technical passport for the building (YAPY RUSAT). A building use permit contains characteristics related to the building, such as the number of apartments in the building, the floor area of the building, the building area, the total number of floors, the height of the building, the cost per m2 unit and the total cost of construction. In addition, the technical characteristics of the building, the heating system, the type of fuel, the type of hot water supply, the drinking water supply, the drainage system, common areas, the supporting systems of the building, the wall filling material and the flooring technique are checked. In addition, within the framework of this settlement act, detailed information is provided about the construction inspection company that monitors the construction process.

Iskan is just as important a document when buying real estate in Turkey as TAPU (title deed). Although information about ISKAN is one of the most requested questions for people who will buy real estate, unfortunately, an easy way to access this information has not yet been provided by the population. The most accurate address to inquire about ISKAN is to have an experienced consultant with you who will identify the risks of buying an impossible building and protect you. Specialists primarily use the information available in the apartment title deed to obtain detailed information about the property. In light of the information contained in the title deed, the studies to be carried out by the municipality will clearly determine where the building is in terms of the settlement and whether there is an obstacle in front of it. In other words, unfortunately, there is no simple method on the internet like asking for a search engine. Therefore, the answer to the question, what is Iskan, should be clearly in the minds of all real estate buyers.

While Ferdi ISKAN is not a mandatory document. Registration of a subscription agreement, connecting water, electricity, telephone, Internet, etc. happens according to Genel ISKAN.

It is possible to acquire real estate in Turkey without Iskan, especially if it is acquired at the construction stage, but the purchase and sale agreement must reflect the fact that there is no act of putting the house into operation, the approximate terms of its receipt and the responsibility of the real estate developer in case of failure of these deadlines must also be spelled out. , in the flesh before the termination of the transaction with penalties in favor of the buyer.

If the house is in 100% readiness, and there is no such document for some reason, then this fact should alert the buyer.

Without Iskan, it is not possible to draw up a separate act of putting an apartment or villa into operation, and this threatens in the future with penalties for the buyer of such real estate in Turkey.

What happens if you buy a property without Iskan?

Some of the problems that may arise in the future if you buy an apartment for which a building permit certificate will not be issued may be:

1. There may be problems with using a loan for clients who will buy your apartment on credit.

2. Non-residential apartments can receive a subscription to construction electricity, water and natural gas only under normal conditions, they cannot subscribe to their own apartments individually. Even the cost of these services without Iskan can be twice the usual costs.

3. Acts with a construction easement cannot be converted into a multi-storey property without a certificate of ISKAN

4. There can be severe fines and also demolition or revision of building elements that are not completed in accordance with the approved construction project.

5. Technically, municipalities have the right to impose fines or even demolish buildings that Iskan does not have within 5 years from the date of obtaining a building permit.

The most rational way to buy an apartment without any problems, without facing these serious risks, is to consult with an experienced and trained specialist on these issues. Din Bolig Alanya Real Estate Agency will help you with this and other real estate matters.