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Can I get a residence permit in Turkey (İkamet Tezkeresi) if I buy property?

Depending on the new law, every foreigner can receive a residence permit for 1 year (every year renewed with Tapu) until you sell your property.

Can I become a Turkish citizen if I buy property?

Read our special page about.

What is the Real Estate Agent Service fee?

Whenever a property is sold, registered and licensed real estate agents are entitled to receive a 3% service fee over the actual sales price of the property from the purchaser and the property owner separately.

Why should I use a real estate agent?

Going through an established company like Din Bolig Alanya Real Estate has several advantages: first, you will get to see a wide range of properties that match your criteria and not just one specific developer; second: you will have the benefit of our experience, as well as a fully staffed office to support you back home.

Who sets the price of the property?
If you are purchasing a property on new development, the price will be set by the developer. Regardless of agents commissions, you should still pay the same price with whoever you purchase through, whether you go direct or through a third party.
Who can buy property in Turkey?

OLD ANSWER BEFORE 21.May.2012: Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and property with many countries. This means that the people of these nations that allow Turks to buy land in their countries, can in return, buy land in Turkey. Foreigners may purchase in their name if the property is outside military zones. Based on these agreements foreigners of the following countries are eligible.

Some countries do not allow Turkish citizens to purchase property in their land. That is why the citizens of these countries are not allowed to buy in Turkey. There are some exceptions to this rule such as Russia. Citizens of Russia can buy with special permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Icisleri Bakanligi).
How does the general cost of living compare with the UK/Ireland?
Fresh produce is great value for money. You’ll find most other items up to 50% cheaper than in Ireland or the UK. However, electrical items are the most expensive with prices comparable to the UK.
Can foreigners loan money in Turkey?
Din Bolig Alanya Real Estate in partnership with selected construction companies are now in a position to offer an exciting and unique financial product to our clients in cooperation with Deniz Bank. A 50% LTV (Loan to Value) fixed rate mortgage at 5% over a 10 year repayment period.
Do I need to get a residence permit to buy a property in Turkey?
On a new development, what is the average deposit required? Can I pay in installments?
You will normally pay 3,000 Euro (approx) reservation fee and then 30% as a deposit within four weeks. Most developers offer stage payments (lump sum to be paid at the completion of each building stage) often with a degree of flexibility towards your circumstances. This will be agreed at the time of purchase.
After I have received the necessary permission to purchase, what happens next?
Din Bolig Alanya carry out pre-completion checks. Following this, you (or your Power of Attorney) will sign a deed of transfer in front of an officer of the Land Registry who then records you as the official owner of the property. The property tax is paid at this stage.
What documents are required?
Appraisal report, passport translation at Notary Public, if needed, the power of attorney, 2 photos, local tax number and bank account.