Din Bolig Alanya

Hvorfor Alanya?

Alanya is a resort town in the central part of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, which is often called the Turkish Riviera. Among all Turkish resorts, Alanya can rightfully be called the most extraordinary, enchanting, memorable and amazing. Here you will find pristine beaches, azure sea waters, gentle rays of the sun and, of course, breathtaking diving, marvelous beauty of underwater caves, archaeological and historical values in the form of ancient cities built by the Greeks, and a host of other entertainments.

And how nice it is to wander the streets of the city in the morning, watch the cafes and shops open, the first visitors come, and the locals rush on business or offer you a cup of aromatic tea or Turkish coffee. Alanya is wonderful at any time. It is worth relaxing here once to fall in love with this city forever.

Here are some reasons to invest in real estate in Alanya:

- Beaches and azure waters, clean air and beach.

- 320 sunny, warm days a year

- Excellent medical, dental and educational institutions

- Low cost of living, taxes and other expenses

- A variety of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars for every taste and money

- Newly opened Gazipasa International Airport, just 30 minutes drive from the center of Alanya

- Direct flights to Antalya airport are available all year round

- About 1 million tourists visit Alanya every year

- Friendly locals who are always happy to help.

- Safety of life, on the street you can always see policemen who do their job for our peace and good.

Also, the main thing is a large selection of apartments, villas, houses, commercial real estate, all at an attractive price. Alanya - can become your second home, comfortable and cozy, just write to our office or leave a request on the Din Bolig Alanya website.